Hideki Nishimura (西村 英騎 Nishimura Hideki?) is the main protagonist of the Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? series. He is Ako's 'husband' in-game, and he does not trust girls, due to the fact that a long time ago he confessed to a girl in the game, but revealed herself to be a guy.


Hideki is a handsome teenage boy with a tall height and average weight. He has short, spiky brown hair and yellow-goldish eyes. He is usually seen with his school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, blue-striped pants, and black shoes.

In gameEdit

Pretty much the same thing as his real life appearance but he is taller and has armor on instead of uniform.


Hideki is what people consider as an 'open-otaku' as he has no trouble talking about having an in-game wife and other several game-related subjects. However, Hideki has trouble talking to and trusting girls after he proposed to Nekohime, who then revealed herself to be male, later shocking and traumatizing him. Despite liking games better, Hideki still knows how to act in a social life. Hideki is easily offended when insulted, but he usually gets over it.



In the game, Hideki is a male and on level 98. His occupation is an armoured knight and his max HP is 10000 He is classified as a tank with a sword and a shield

Atk Def MP Mat Mdf
100+50 500+50 150+50 1000 100000


In game, Hideki commonly uses a sword and shield, wearing high-class armour for protection.


Tamaki AkoEdit

Ako is Nishimura's in-game WAIFU. She deeply loves and cares for him and she easily gets jealous when other girls get too close to him. Hideki also became surprised when Ako proposed to him (probably due to his 'trauma' from his incident before) but eventually came to trust and care for her. Despite finding her lazy and clingy, Nishimura actually loves Ako and care for her deeply, but has trouble handling girls and sees that Ako is moving things too quickly in their relationship. Nishimura willingly tries to help her come to terms with reality and games so she could be happier.

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