Ako Tamaki (玉置 亜子/アコ Tamaki Ako?) is the female protagonist of the Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? series. She is Hideki's "wife" in-game. In school, she is shy and quiet among her classmates, and has trouble telling the difference between game and reality.


Ako is a beautiful, albeit, slightly ditzy, teenage girl with long and slightly wavy black hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen in her school uniform. She has large breasts which sometimes flusters Hideki to no end.

In gameEdit

Ako wears a pink dress complimented with white ruffles around the edges, and pink ribbons in her hair.


In school, Ako is a very shy and quiet girl, leading people to draw attention towards her and wonder if she is okay. Ako dislikes people who are 'normies,' as she prefers people who are gamers. Ako is a true gamer, preferring to play games instead of going outside to the real world, but she still attends school from time to time. This all changed when she met Hideki and fell in love with him, along with meeting with the other two party members.

Ako soon grew more energetic, happy, and kind towards her new friend, especially towards her husband, Hideki. However, Ako is the opposite of Hideki. She believes that the game and reality are the same thing, even believing that she is married to Hideki in the real world, and calls her friends by their usernames. Ako has Yandere tendencies towards anyone (especially girls) who would talk or hang out with Hideki unattended, and anyone who she would call a 'normie,' even threatening to harm them. Whether she is joking or not is unknown.

Ako is not a hard worker. She doesn't like to go to school, and her motto is to rely on others. Ako's dream is to one day stop going to school/work and play video games all day long while being supported.



Skills Edit

Atk Def MP Mat Mdf
52+90 74+34 1988 143+0 131+18


In game, Ako wields a magical staff for both hitting and casting heal.


Hideki NishimuraEdit

Hideki is Ako's husband in-game. Ako is shown to love Hideki deeply, not caring how rude he can be to her. It was explained that the primary reason she loves Hideki so much is that she is accustomed to being abandoned, having been repeatedly left by other parties when they discovered how frequently she makes mistakes. Hideki, however, has consistently stayed by her side despite that fact.



  • It was stated that each character in the club has communication problems, as Ako is anti-social, and doesn't like normal people.
  • Ako's dream is to one day quit school and work, and just play games all day. This leads to her desire to be a housewife and be looked after.
  • When alone in her room, Ako removes her clothes, being naked quite comfortably.


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